Development of New Meta Walk to EARN concept NFT

I realize there is currently huge Trend of walk to earn NFT and it’s a great opportunity for us to be part of this trend. We have DAO funds so i want to know opinion regarding developing a Play Store app where NEW walk to earn Meta NFT will be created. After that we can integrate our other assets like Bull meme coin into it. So there will be 2 ways to mint a Meta walk to earn NFT.

  1. Combining of X amount of bull coins + 3 or 4 new Ingredient NFTs
  2. Or to buy from secondary marketplace after minting is over

This Ingredints are in form of 4 different NFTs which supply are limited so these can be earn by a quiz competition on our site and everyone can take part on it / or who own at least 1 Bull NFT. If participant give right answers of quiz/puzzle then he/she will be able to mint that ingredient by integrating X amount of Bulls coins with it. People can get that ingredient NFT until last one is left on site. This 4 Ingredients can be give in each week (1 Ingredient at each week) . In last after who have collected 4 Ingredients he/she can integrate that 4 Ingredients+ X amount of Bulls coins = 1 META Walk to Earn NFT.

Now who have not able to get any one of the Ingredient or missing any Ingredient, he/she can buy from secondary market. So there will be only X amount of Meta Walk to Earn NFTs only can be generated. Now there will be also another use of Ingredient and that is for upgrading/level up of meta walk to earn NFT, means at each level up there can be a Max amount of tokens ( Walk to Earn Token) can be earn. So for upgrading or unlocking the level he/she need Ingredient. so if we planning to have only 2000 Meta walk to earn NFT then only 10000 max ingredients can be kept (10000 ingredients are inclusive of all 4 ingredients). {2000 no of ingredient 1 +2000 no of ingredient 2 +2000 no of ingredient 3 +2000 no of ingredient 4 = 2000 NFTs & 2000 For level up.

Maximum level can be done upto level 5.

Now this meta walk to earn NFT will be use in a app which will be develop by METACOLLECTIVE. and there will be a fix amount of Walk to Earn tokens can be earn by this NFT by walking everyday. And there is no other way to earn this Walk to Earn tokens. Project likes STEPN , GENOPETS are examples of this great concept and it’s success… And we have DAO fund for this development part where we can build our community even more larger and great.

So we need these -

  1. A good interface Playstore APP (Where we can deposit our Walk to Earn NFT and which will track distance walk by us everyday)

  2. NFT arts for 4 Ingredients & for Meta Walk to Earn NFT

  3. Upgradation of Meta site where we can arrange puzzle/ quizzes & where people can integrate all Ingredients at last to generate Meta Walk to Earn NFT

This will bring such a huge demand of our assets which are our Bull main NFT, Bull meme coins & our DAO Assests. This will also bring lot of traffic and interest in our community. Because people can earn tokens daily by walking. which bring great and worthy utility of its.

Community share your thoughts on this.


Thanks for sharing this! One thing I would consider first is development costs. Do you have contacts/know how much would cost to develop such application?

It’s depend on devloper salary, Actually i am not from computer background but 1/2 good enginner hiring for website and app making is enough. And 1 creator who can generate NFT arts of ingredients and meta collective walk to earn NFT development. (Or either we can buy bunch of this NFTs from a creator marketplace). It might not cost many thousand of dollars but few 2 to 3k i think should enough for this. If in our community is from developing background may share his idea about more accurate cost on this. If we finalize this idea then we can think of that development cost and qualities of NFTs and app.

I think that it will be hard for the DAO to take on direct developments project because of 1) risk involved, 2) time involved and 3) knowledge involved. Also, to launch a succesful project it takes years to payoff and be truly successful and definitely requires someone (which in a traditional startup model is the entrepreneur) to be fully dedicated on taking on the development. As a DAO, i think it will be very hard to keep the level of coordination and time committment that is required in a proper startup project.

On a side note, I think the space is promising but it requires a lot of human and financial capital. For example STEPN ( has raised 5 mil to focus entirely on this type of products.

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I like the initiative to propose some new avenues to grow TheBull and meta. However, I don’t see how this would relate to META? Why would we want to give away tokens for people walking and answering quizzes? In general though, the big question is who will develop it. That’s a lot of time and money.

Also be very careful about how you design the app… How to earn money by hacking a "walking for money" app.
It’s quite easy to spoof mobile pedometers and GPS coordintes, like many did with Pokemon Go when it first came out.

Yes for his type of development we need to hire a good enginner and art designer. Hacking is totally different things. There are many hacking going on world right now although company and project have advanced security.

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