How to submit an investment proposal

Investment proposals are the main type of proposals and should be used to submit proposals on how to deploy and invest the treasury assets. You need at least 10,000 vMETA tokens to submit an investment proposals.

General guidelines

  • Be as detailed as possible
  • Proposals should be atomic i.e. involve only one investment per proposal (unless multiple trades are part of the same strategy). If you have multiple unrelated trades, submit different proposals instead

The process

  1. Create a new topic in the DAO Governance category with the tag [INVESTMENT] in the title
  2. Clearly state your investment thesis, detailing the assets involved, strategy, execution, and timeframe. You can also include a target price/horizon if you have one
  3. Allow for sufficient time for members to discuss and analyze your proposal
  4. Once sufficient time has passed submit the proposal for on-chain voting

How to submit a proposal for on-chain voting

  1. Head over to the Governance website

  2. Connect your wallet and deposit your vMETA if you haven’t already. You will need at least 10,000 to submit a proposal

  3. Click “New”

  4. Clearly state the title of the proposal and include the link to the forum topic used for discussion

  5. Make sure that Instruction is set to None and Governance to Investment proposal

  6. Click “Add proposal” and confirm the transaction with your wallet