[INVESTMENT] 3D Gamers Guild

3D Gamers Guild Investment

Hello everyone,

With the current state of market, it seems to me Metacollective could use a long term investment of a trustworthy high potential project. As a holder of META, I present to you 3D Gamers Guild.

3D Gamers Guild is a crypto gaming DAO, focused on content.

They have the #1 twitch crypto gaming streamer and are leading the charge of web2 to web3 games.
They are founded by a of ex-pro gamers & content creators from Cloud9, Fnatic, and SK Gaming, as well as from the cryptosphere and web2 gaming startups.

Their model is converting high value US gamers (who will be sinking money into games not value extracting) to the web3 space and have the #1 crypto gaming content brand in the world.

They also have a big investment in Big Time, valued at over $2M. Crypto gaming is the future of gaming, and by having 3DGG token will give metacollective ability to capture massive upside. They are also the first guild to be launching a token on Solana

3D Gamers guild is backed from Notable VCs from Solana Ventures, Sol Big Brain, Sol Buckets as well as Shima Capital, Genblock Capital, and Vespertine capital.

Open for discussion on this end, I want metacollective to succeed and find better investment opportunities.

Investment size 50-100k.


The 3DGG crew has been super active the crypto gaming space. Definitely check out their twitter spaces and content to find exciting alphas such as Big Time.

A Trustworthy Guild, Very active on Discord and Twitter. A guild with a mission and vision supporting not just only Investors but also for their scholars and community.

A guild that you can rely on. Very active! Couldn’t ask for more :+1:

A guild that there’s a lot of friendly people.

A guild that a very loyal and friendly to all members.

A very active organization when it comes to cryptocurrency. A guild that you meet a lots of good comrade and you can count on.

Damn ready for the token. Great content. I Listen to every Twitter spaces… my few $$$$ are into them…

Hi, can you please clarify exactly what the proposal is? There is a guideline here

Submitting a proposal for voting before the terms of the investment are clearly defined is not clear at all

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Hi, I see you are all new members to the forum. I’ll assume the best that you guys aren’t just trying to push some scam project…

I think before I would vote in favor of any such investment we should have much more information on the project, the founders and the investment thesis.

I’m very much a bear on Web3/Crypto Gaming projects, so I will almost certainly vote no, but I am happy to hear your arguments if you are serious.


Community in discord is awesome and been listening to Twitter Space too. talking more about their future plan

Market been unstable lately but I always believe it’s the project that matters. My brother supports this GUILD/DAO so im in.

Thank you for the explanations guys, I feel more comfortable now. Even if not everything is completely clear for me.

great community and looking forward to more advancement in the Web3 Gaming community with the potential to earn while enjoying playing games

Will make an updated proposal at some point. As a holder in metacollective I was getting concerned with how meta has been faring and wanted to get you guys in a great project for the long run.

thanks, looking forward to it