[INVESTMENT] Everlend Vault Deployment

Hello guys,

I am writing this post to propose an initial small check on https://everlend.finance/.

Everlend is an yield aggregator platform. Liquidity is moved between protocols to ensure the user always receives the highest yield available on the market and achieve yield optimization.

For example, for SOL this is the current split and routing across protocols.

As a side note, the current funds on the platform are backed by an insurance pool which is deposited by the team funds, therefore adding an additional layer of security to that.

I also met the core team and I was impressed by their vision and dedication to make it work, therefore I think it’s a great idea to start building the relationship with a small check and doing some cross promotion.

Given the current size of the SOL pool (approx $20k), I would suggest our DAO to deposit $2,000 or 60 SOL.