[INVESTMENT] Purchase token - Mango (MNGO)

Will post a more detailed analysis in the next days but wanted to kickoff the discussion around a purchase of MNGO. Let me know if you have any opinion about it in the meanwhile!

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I’m still wrapping my head around MNGO. On one side the team is super strong with deep connections within Solana and the UX is really good. They get most Serum volumes on some pair (see here) and have some other protocols like UXD built on top of their perps, increasing volumes. They also recently lowered perp fees for holding MNGO (link).

On the other hand, the lowered perp fees might impact future revenues (they rebate the fees from spot volumes back to the user). We have also seen a few successful competitors coming into play, like Drift and 01.

Will try to see if I can get more precise data about volumes/fees, also worth noting that Drift and 01 don’t have a traded token yet