[INVESTMENT] SMS and MC engagement

As you may be aware, Solana announced that it’s working on a Web3 native mobile stack and device (link). While the phone is not yet available, it’s possible to pre-order it for $100 (it will cost $1000).

More recently, Realms (the frontend for DAOs on Solana), announced that they integrated the pre-order feature directly, so that DAOs may pre-order some for their members. So far Grape DAO has pre-ordered 50 of them (link).

Given this I thought it would be interesting if MC bought a few and then raffled them to the members. We can have a minimum threshold in cMETA/vMETA to participate so that everyone who wants to participate can buy the tokens if the want. This could also increase our engament with the community while at the same time supporting the ecosystem by giving away Solana-native phones.

At the same time they are bit expensive so wouldn’t do too many, say 5-10 max.

What do you think?

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While the SDK is a cool idea, I’m still not really sure why they chose to make a phone. I don’t have high hopes for how usable the device will be.
As for the raffle idea, it seems to me like a waste of money - will we really bring more users? How would they even here about the raffle? I think those few thousand dollars would be better spent on ad spending on other channels. Surely user acquisition through digital channels will be cheaper than gifting phones?
On the other hand if DAO members want to acquire the phone, happy for the DAO to provide that service as a middleman.

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I do believe as well that the main requirement to have a successful raffle relies on the fact that we have a lot of traffic coming in. On the other hand, if the threshold is too low (like 1/2$ of cMETA) we will be flooded by bots driving low quality traffic, if we put a high threshold it’s hard to reach organic traffic.

And same for spending on ads, for sure that will bring some traffic but my concern is over the quality of those leads.