[INVESTMENT] SOL deployment - Direct Staking

To mitigate counterparty risk vs Marinade and Lido while still earning the inflation yield, we can deploy solana to validators directly. This is very safe as is something embedded in the Solana base layer, can be done directly from the wallet, and the SOL remains reasonably liquid as it only has a warm-up / cool-down period of one epoch (2-3 days)


totally agree with that.

I would suggest deploying most of our idle SOL across the top validators on Solana.
I was taking a look at this ranking of validators (Best Solana Validator) and some potential candidates could be:

Given that we have approx 9700 idle SOL, we could deploy 1,500 SOL each (1,500 x 4 - 6,000) and re remaining keeping them in liquid staking (stSOL/mSOL)

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also adding to the list: