[INVESTMENT] SOL deployment - Sharky

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose deploying 100 $SOL into the lending Solana Monkey Business pool of the Sharky protocol. The collective’s treasury currently has a significant amount of idle solana tokens which I think should be put to good use.

About Sharky (http://sharky.fi/)

Sharky is a borrowing and lending protocol which uses as collateral NFTs. An individual who would like to borrow SOL must decide which NFT to lock up as collateral and the lender on the other side must choose how much SOL to loan out on the basis of what genre of NFT the borrower has offered up as collateral. Obviously, a borrower who puts as collateral a SMB which has a floor price of 158 $SOL will likely be offered a loan of around 100 $SOL (loans are overcollateralized).


This proposal aims to offer a loan of 100 $SOL to the Solana Monkey Business pool in the hope to earn passive income of 200% APY. In the event that the borrower fails to repay the loan within the 14 day period the collective will be compensated with the collateralised SMB (this would effectively be like buying an SMB at discounted price of 100 $SOL).

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Very supportive of this. Juicy APY and also interested to see how the default rate works over time (aka if we are able to get a cheaper lovely Monkey)

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supportive of this. Just a note that the actual APY is likely much lower than 200%. Eg if we look at the borrow side

so around 112%, still not too bad and we can get some cheap monkeys

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Loan worked well and successfully payed back.

We got 4SOL of interests out of 100 nominal value, which makes it a very good deal for a 14 days deploy

Sharing full tx details: Solscan

I’d suggest to deploy more at a scale as long as APY as at this rate and we have capacity of provide liquidity in top NFT collections.

My suggestion is to go with 1000 SOL and then adjust depending on realized lending rates

Agreed, we should target a handful of bluechip collections and decide a LTV to bid with

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