[INVESTMENT] USDC deployment - Saber + Sunny

See initial proposal here

Saber is the prime venue for stablecoin pools, and Sunny is one of the main aggregators of SBR LPs.
By providing liquidity on Saber and stake the LP tokens on Sunny we can farm both SBR and SUNNY.

Therefore I propose we deposit 200-400k USDC in the PAI-USDC LP on Saber and then stake the LP tokens on Sunny

Actually, taking into account the next reward epoch with the saber gauges, the USDT-USDC pool seems a better choice

Yield is quite low as they stopped the SBR rewards. Suggesting to move USDC-USDT from Sunny to Aldrin

actually would suggest moving USDT-USDC LP token from sunny to Solend to avoid the 50bps unstaking fee. Solend currently rewards around 8% in saber (which has better liquidity than sunny if we want to sell)