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The UST-CASH LP on Saber has one of the highest rewards in Quarry among all USD stable pools. Currently it stands at 15% SBR + 0.8% COW + 16.5% LUNA

Therefore I propose to:

  1. Obtain 600k USDC worth of UST-CASH LP tokens from Saber. Given we need to convert USDC, this should be done to minimize market impact by a) selling USDC on Jupiter and/or b) depositing on USDT-USDC LP on Saber and then mint directly CASH
  2. stake LP tokens on Quarry
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given that the WH hack has passed, it seems safe to redeploy in this pool. Currently Quarry shows 10.51% SBR + 1.20% COW + 5.98% LUNA