[INVESTMENT] Venture - Kaizen Corps

Hello frens,

Sharing an investment opportunity in the gaming sector.

In their own words:

"We’re building an NFT Win-to-Earn collaborative strategy game that’s genre-defining on Solana.

This is our first core product but our vision/plan is to build the industry’s leading web3 gaming infrastructure protocol layer by developing composable tools.

We launched our project in December and we sold over 5584 NFTs and raised over 5000 $SOL (~US1.3M) from our community (>8500 Discord users, >10.1K Twitter followers) that we built from 0 in under 12 weeks.

Here is a link to our deck:
→ check in our Discord, #governance chat

Link to our game mechanics:
→ check in our Discord, #governance chat


A member of metaCOLLECTIVE, which is founder of a gaming guild as well, had a call with them and shared an analysis about the project and more details about the valuation → check in our Discord, #governance chat for the full disclosure of the investment details.