Portfolio Allocations

Hey guys, as we are ready now to deploy the funds we should start thinking about a first indicative allocation for the remaining part of January.

Given that we will be focusing mainly on Solana for the time being, I think it makes sense to allocate a large portion to SOL, we can then deploy those idle solana via liquid staking to make some yield on the treasury’s assets. Also the current market seems a good entry point as Solana retraced more than 40% from its ATH in November 2021. Finally we think we should also start with a few blue chip tokens to get started - namely Mango and Saber - before going into more complex strategies. For the remaining USDC we should deploy them in stable pools to earn some safer yields. For this we can use Saber, Francium, Port, Solend and Apricot, avoiding too much concentration.

This is just our opinion and suggestions/discussion are strongly encouraged!


We should definitely have some portion of the funds allocated to Solana, and then use protocols like Marinade, Socean or similars to stake, get the IOUs and provide liquidity on Saber pools to squeeze out high yield with no impairment loss.


Should potentially consider some portion to be converted to ETH while it’s on dip discount or even $LOOKS and staked once we look beyond SOL… current returns in WETH and AUTO-Retsaked $LOOKS are very, very attractive. LooksRare is a new competitor to OpenSea.


I’m bullish on the Solana ecosystem, but don’t really see the point in putting money into $SOL at a $42 bil circulating, $70 bil fdv. Given operating metrics compared to other L1s its trading at a pretty large premium and a lot of the price bleeding is justified.

I think Mango is a reasonable buy at these prices. besides that I’d probably just want to be farming stables or doing delta neutral strategies while looking for new projects to back.

What’s your target market cap? And what kind of operating metrics are you looking at? The number of unique signers is all time high and download for mobile and Desktop wallets are extremely high too, that seems very good in terms of adoption :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with notte, i think the biggest % of our portfolio should be in usdc then sol

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i agree if you compare for example with FTM, SOL i dont think is at best possible entry point. I would wait and play more on stable right now

any target price in mind? What do you think about a DCA strategy over say 10-20 days?

we need to close at least a day green to evaluate. in this moment its untouchable

Should we start some DCA on SBR/MANGO too? @noklero @negoldbe @heremitas @Crypto_notte

Hi everyone, I changed the name of the topic to Portfolio Allocations to keep an ongoing discussion here.

As of now we have deployed most of the USDC in stable farms (less what was withdrawn as a pre-emptive measure against the WH hack, will put proposals to redeploy it soon) + we are DCAing $1m of SOL and are almost halfway through it. Finally we made the first VC investment in Sharky finance and another one for Releap is currently being voted.

Given the general market situation we paused the discussion about alts but think now we should start considering it. In particular we had SBR and MANGO in mind, will add post more detailed proposals in the next days but feel free to comment here with your thoughts!

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