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Let me start by saying, if you want to truly discover the depth of this project you have to spend time to go through the website/discord. I could give more details in many areas but this would be a very long message, if you/we are interested we can go through more. The project has very interesting tokenomics and a sophisticated in house ecosystem. This allows you to ascertain value in the deals that are “good” to buy at the moment within the ecosystem. Whitepaper:

So what is SAC Brand & PUFF?
SAC is trying to be a cannabis friendly lifestyle brand which focuses on using the PUFF currency. They are soon going to start selling CBD products on their website. They have already done a “test” with this and the product looks very clean (I tried it), additionally you purchase your product with an NFT that changes through the process of ordering (showing them packing your product when it’s sent). 50% of profits from purchases through their site will be burned, the other 50% will be paid to costs and expansion. They will do similar things with less burning % for merch, use at their live events (they just had big one in LA and soon in AMS), auctions, raffles and more. They also have suggested that there will be a coffeeshop soon, and closer affiliations with US dispensaries. Finally there are THC products further down the line but already tried I believe at the live event (might have been CBD products).

12.5m tokens have been burned, 8m in circulation. There is a 35% reduction in tokens at 22M created. There is an Orca double dip pool that runs for another 10 days which has about 33% of tokens inside. PUFF is currently .35 cents with highs around .70 during 4/20.

What is ALL?
At the same time there is a secondary token which gives you access to the ALL brand. the team is starting a launchpad and offering technical expertise to projects launching. This has been announced for launch possibly around the 20th of May. There is the possibility for expansion in this area in the technical services as the team have previously made the COVID app for Austria and created financial programs for banks. For the moment they will use this expertise to make their products easily accessible to their customer in the most hassle free way for both brands. ALL is trading at .136 cents with ATH at .26 cents around 4/20

What is the SAC NFT?
The SAC NFT is the genesis collection, there are also SAC with genesis roles. There are SAC of different levels. Chimpion, roled apes, genesis apes, sealz, 1/1. Each SAC makes a certain amount of PUFF and ALL through staking. To check specifics look at the tool made by a member of the community to count how much passive income is being made. There are two burning mechanisms here. One is to increase chimpions to roled genesis apes. The second burn mechanism is to “rescue” a NAC. The amount of PUFF burned depends on the amount of rescues the apes used for the process have previously made. It also depends on the total amount of NAC saved. We are currently at a little more than 3620 out of 4200 left to save. It takes three days to send a SAC to “evolve” from chimpion to roled ape and the same amount of time for rescues. There is also a 6 day cooldown after rescue. SAC floor is 76

Nuked Apes are the second collection, it makes less PUFF and ALL through staking. NAC floor is 25.

Awakening. Soon there will be a mechanism to burn a large amount of PUFF and ALL, to increase your staking rewards by 2 and in some cases more. The NACs will begin on May 14/15 and SAC two weeks later normally. The upgrade will also allow you to have an animated version of your NFT. The amount of PUFF and ALL that will be needed to upgrade would mean that all NAC if upgraded would burn at least 3M tokens, SAC would at least 7M. This is more than current supply and production will be 35% down within a couple weeks.

The ALL launchpad is coming at the end of month (supposed to be May 20). The CBD and merch after testing is completed.

At current prices the amount of SOL, the amount of PUFF and ALL you make as passive income is decent value. SAC (5,776 USD at current floor and SOL price) you make 16 USD at current prices of PUFF and ALL. Not to mention the value of the extra NFT on top. There are factors at play here however in terms of PUFF staking rewards and the price of PUFF and ALL of course. To be considered as well is that many of the burn mechanisms helping in short term increase production in long term. This is done however to have given the team time to come out with their launchpad and CBD products. I view PUFF and ALL investments as protected from the macroeconomic climate currently. SAC/NAC will be affected by SOL due to it being the currency used for trading. Since we have SOL stacked I think it is a good place to invest not only for returns but for the community and connections it can afford.

this looks interesting for a chip. Feel free to add some details about the investment execution, like for me a small check make sense on this, but i struggle to undestand how to execute the purchase due to the different tokens involved

So the five options of entrance



Good if you believe the price of SOL will increase over the time you hold
Passive Income
Staking of both main tokens if they continue to increase over time
Access to the community/party/WL/opportunities

Bad if you believe the price of SOL will decrease
Bad if the tokens increase in short term but decrease over the full length of investment

Needed to “awaken” but the utility not fully confirmed. Would only recommend to buy what is needed for the awakening. Once the specific utility mechanism is revealed could become interesting investment.


Easy to buy and exit
You can sell out 100% of tokens if you think it is just a short term increase of price
Less tied to the macroeconomic events of the moment and to SOL price volatility

No passive income
No access to community

For this reason I would recommend having a balanced portfolio. Buy some SAC with low rescues. Get the required PUFF, ALL, and MJ needed to awaken. Since we are looking for a long term investment I think this is the way to go. The exact amount of SAC needed is dependant on the amount of money of the investment. Personally I think investing in a project that has real products coming out this month for ALL and coming months for PUFF deserves a higher amount of investment than a startup with promise. The risk is less. On top of this the NFTs allow us to use our treasury of SOL and put them to good use.

The team has made it clear that they look to reward their community continuously. The market for Cannabis and ALL launchpad is big. The amount of lifestyle brands that have serious alpha within the cannabis industry is surprisingly low. People compare this to other NFT projects in SOL but the reality is it should be compared to a cannabis startup company. I have seen some good projects this year, but this is my biggest Blue Chip.

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To purchase 1 Roled SAC NFT and buy the ALL and PUFF and MJ needed to awaken the SAC.

Costs at current prices
SAC 4500 USDC (Bought in SOL)
2500 PUFF which costs 700 USDC (Can be bought in SOL)
5466 ALL which costs 537 USDC (Can be bought in SOL)
One MJ NFT tiers 2 costs 390 USDC (Bought in SOL)

Total costs: 6130

All these costs are based of SAC NFT at 69 SOL, MJ tiers 2 at 6 SOL, SOL at 65, PUFF at 0.28, and ALL at 0.1.
Everything can be purchased using SOL. We can find cheaper SAC by offering on ME or talking with some one in marketplace. I would advise taking a Business role ape that provides access to business DAO. Other DAO are art, scientist, and farmer.

My thought is that deploying a small section of the Collective’s capital on this project could be quite interesting and a nice stepping stone into Solana blue chip NFT projects.

I was looking at the hold duration of this project and basically the modal amount of time is 8-26 weeks which is quite a long time. I think obviously, people are very eager to see the applications of the $PUFF token as a medium exchange with THC and CBD related products in the US. Whether they deliver on this promise is a different story. By staking their NFTs you are accruing $PUFF and $ALL, the former are tokens to be used in the future for in person transacting.
I do think that the growth of this project is not related to the utility the NFTs yield on the chain level. I.e. that one NFT can be awoken and turned into an animation or that you can embark on weird rescue missions etc.
The tokenomics makes sense because they want to limit the supply of $PUFF and $ALL through various burning mechanisms and buy backs. Also staking rewards have half lives to not dilute supply too much.
The project is very keen on trying to expand the utility of the $PUFF and $ALL tokens in order to create more demand for it.

The community growth (measured by twitter and discord users is quite impressive) as well as the fact that they have managed to host a very successful in-person event. They have some sophisticated token holders (many individuals who also own catalina wine mixer, SMB and Degen ape academy).

SAC were minted in Nov 2021 and they have seen a very nice increase in floor price (2 $SOL → 72 $SOL)
NAC were released in FEB 2022 and they have also seen a short but sweet increase in floor price (0 $SOL as they were a reward for token holders embarking on rescue mission → 26 $SOL)
SAC have better staking rewards than NAC (which explains their price difference). Also it’s critical to note that every half life (when $PUFF reaches a certain supply) the staking incentives decrease by 32%. Perhaps the demand for SAC and NAC will decrease as a result (and therefore their respective price).

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good for me to go with this option for approx 6130 USDC

Sounds good for me too

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Thanks for your answer man. I LOVE digging into projects like this and having a chat about what we see. I appreciate the time you took to look into it.

“I do think that the growth of this project is not related to the utility the NFTs yield on the chain level. I.e. that one NFT can be awoken and turned into an animation or that you can embark on weird rescue missions etc.”

100% agree. I do think it will cause some short term Supply/Demand shifts but I completely agree that the success of this project is tied to the ability to deliver on CBD/THC products and the ALL Launchpad.

Interesting perspective on the SAC and NAC prices being affected by the 32% reduction in supply. You have to take into account the fact that a decrease in production should raise PUFF prices slightly but I agree that normally it would reduce price of SAC and NAC. However I think in this particular instance it’s more complicated due to the “awakening” happening in a similar time frame. Awakening is supposed to happen in 4 days time. We are at 21M tokens almost created for PUFF and the halvening will happen at 22M tokens which should come within the week (depends on if the NAC will instantly be awakened or if they need three days to awaken which would take them out of supply production before increasing their supply production). Due to this, the halvening takes affect after the burning of NAC awakening (SAC awakening will burn more tokens in total and should be two weeks after) and right before the ALL launchpad launch. I can see the “awakening” experiencing more demand now with lower prices of PUFF and ALL.

I think you will also like what you find with the ALL launchpad/brand. The launchpad will not only offer technical services but are looking to make it a well rounded brand. They have a partnership with a doxxing project that will verify the projects, they will provide the ability to do auction using PUFF/ALL tokens, help take care of all the back end for Launch. Launchpads are an area that currently has a lot of competition but I do see the project having a competitive advantage in certain sectors of the market due to their defined identity. They are currently running tests on their launchpad by testing mints, auctions and the other utilities (which we will further discover over following week) to help the official launch run more smoothly.

Great thing to highlight. You make twice as much ALL from a SAC compared to a NAC and ten times more PUFF on a SAC compared to NAC.

Looking forward to future discussions, thanks again for your time. Please let us know if there’s another blue chip project you like as well!

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